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For centuries saddlemakers have designed saddles to maximise rider comfort. At Bates Australia we have shifted the focus to the horse. The radical new features in our saddles will give your horse the freedom to reach its maximum potential.

Our CAIR® Panel System will revolutionise the way your horse feels the weight on its back, cushioning the saddle with air to evenly distribute the rider's weight, virtually eliminating pressure points and discomfort.

Our EASY-CHANGE Gullet System is another unique development which allows the gullet size in your saddle to be changed to suit your horse in a matter of minutes. So you can make sure your horse is always comfortable.

Incorporating these innovative systems into a traditional leather saddle that builds on centuries of development enables Bates Australia to bring you a saddle of unparalleled performance.

So why not let your horse feel the freedom of a radically different Bates Saddle today...


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