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 Laura Stickley Equine Massage Therapist, December 2013

 "Hi Aimee I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all you have done to sort my saddles out for me, I am so pleased with the work you have done and how well the saddles fit now. I rode Douglas on Friday after you had left and he was so forward going it was truly amazing I hardly used my leg at all and up until then he had been so sluggish.

Then to Jess who I rode this afternoon and wow what a difference, I had my old Jess back who no longer acted her age she was back to the loving life mare that had been missing for so long.

I can not thank you enough or all your help and hard work after I had almost lost all hope and resigned myself to riding bareback forever."

Allyson Cleaver - Local Rider, October 2012

"Such a refreshing change to have a saddler fitter who's ultimate desire is to do a good job and not simply sell you a new saddle!!! Thank you very much Aimee for all your attention and advice to ensure that both me and my horse have a saddle that is correct for both of us."

 Julie Britton May 2013

" Cannot recommend this company highly enough. I bought my saddle from them after watching the patient and profesional way that they worked with other people and horses on my yard. Excellent service!"

Louise Fletcher, June 2013

 "Hi Aimee I just wanted to say a massive thank you for coming and saddle fitting on saturday! It was a challenge to find one to fit me, my lanky other half, and the funny shaped horse but we all love our new saddle! Lin also loves hers and we have all said we would recommend you to anybody! I believe there are some others on the yard that may have you too next time! A great friendly, professional service. Thank you"

Maria Eilberg Team GBR reserve for the Dressage Team at 2008 Bejing Olympics  August 2012

"Aimee was extremely efficient when fitting and checking saddles on our horses. She displayed excellent technical knowledge as well as understanding the horse and it's behavior."