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Professional saddle fitting in and around Warwickshire.

Aimee Cayless

Master Saddle Fitter

Aimee’s Experience

Aimee has spent her entire career working with horses having gained years of practical experience working in many spheres including racing, breaking and schooling, polo and competition.


After completing a BA in Equine Studies at Warwickshire College Aimee focused her career on the equestrian trade and developed her passion for saddles.

Aimee has years of experience both fitting saddles and working for a number of leading saddle manufacturers developing saddles by using her knowledge to adapt saddle designs to create optimum performance and fit.

Aimee is part of the Society of Master Saddlers and is a Registered Qualified Master Saddle Fitter.

Saddle Fitter

This work has led her to look after the saddle fitting needs of many leading riders including a number of Olympians, International riders in Dressage, Eventing and Para-Dressage.

But just as important are the everyday riders with who Aimee has built up a long term relationship and has looked after their horses and saddles for many years.


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